Genuine love from cheap people? Don’t even presume.

Adolescents nowadays are fond of hopping from one guy/girl to another; boys exchanging girlfriends from the same circle of friends. I am very much saddened seeing teenagers posting on social medias about what they are looking for towards a guy. Not even realizing that the guy who will love them for reals would not need to see those posts, nor need to be nagged about what they “ideally” search for a man. This goes the same for guys out there towards a girl.

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Genuine love goes through a process. A couple for 50 years didn’t reach that stage without tough molding and continuous learning process.

You know what they say, YOU CANNOT FIND THE ONE WHO WILL TAKE YOU SERIOUSLY IN CLUBS OR BARS. If you are jealous of relationships lasting long despite imperfections, then you need to wake up and step away from worldly assumptions of finding the love of your life. You cannot expect genuine love from cheap people. You cannot expect to be taken seriously from the people you just met on facebook (w/c can 98% of the time, be disguising to be a handsome looking guy or a sexy chick) nor from people you just danced within clubs and had pre-game with at the bar.

Ladies and gentlemen, the person of your life whom you have been dreaming about? Can be found from decent places, introduced to you by a friend of a mutual friend and a believer of God. I don’t literally mean cheap people, it’s somewhat like a metaphor of cheap instances where you found the person you can brag about to your friends. You found cheap love because you were in a hurry, you’re too desperate to have one, so you didn’t bother to assess the quality of the love you’re going to have.

You need to discern the most genuine from what is mostly a distraction. Stop “fitting in” to the world. You will not find your happiness from the love story of others; basically from those people you’ve been stalking on social media. YOU NEED NOT TO LIKE WHAT THEY LIKE nor COPY THE STANDARDS THEY HAVE IN MIND FOR A RELATIONSHIP. Seek God and genuine love will be the one to find you 🙂

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