Do not settle with the thought of finding a man who just loves you more

People kept saying that find a man who loves you more or a guy who exceeds the love you give in return. Yes, he may love you more than you do to him but haven’t you realized that is being selfish? You want to be with someone who’s not gonna leave you, someone who’s going to stay forever. You are too full of the idea of yourself being in someone’s arms for years that you forgot the effect of those “ideals” to your man.


Be kind to your man. Give back. Be fair to each other. No one should feel inferior

My friend, we (women) are made not for men to spoil us nor provide all the dream we have. God made us to help them. Stop measuring love. If he loves you, love him back. If he loves you so much, love him so much! If he fails to remind you that he loves you, continue loving him and do not be driven by what the world dictates to not keep a man who doesn’t love you more. Remind him through acts of love and he will do the same if you’re the one who forgets.

Let us understand that this is not a measurement of who loves more, rather if he loves the Lord. I know that the point of you wanting to be loved more, is so that he will not leave you. Hey, if your man loves God? I tell you, he is more likely to stay. He will endure. He loves God so much that he obeys Him. He would not want to hurt God by hurting you; the helpmate God created for him.

Now, if your man loves you more but does not love God? Rethink. He may fail and break your heart into pieces again and would not even mind. But if he loves the Lord our God? His faith to God itself will strengthen your relationship.

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