How to know when he’s ready? Actions.

A young couple I met taught me a lesson I need to share to everybody, may it be young or not. They’ve been together for more than a year and they are obviously in love with each other. Upon talking to them, they’ve been spurring out that they badly wanna get married. That they wanted to get married the soonest because they cannot keep fighting the feeling of being away from each other. They wanted to have God’s permission so they can do whatever they wanna do and apply what the bible have taught with regards to couples [married people]. They also want to have God’s blessing, they’re tired resisting temptation and did not want to sin against him [they’re talking about premarital sex]. As the conversation went deeper, the guy excused himself as he will be going to the comfort room.

The moment he stood up, I glanced on the girls face and noticed her emotion in her grimaces. I asked what’s bothering her, she spilled “He keeps telling me he wanted to get married so baaad. He wanted me to be the first thing he will see in the morning and the last person he will see before he goes to sleep. He wants me. Everything, everywhere. He wants the feeling of not having to worry when’s the next day we’re going to see each other. He wants to see me in his home when he leaves and arrives.” I saw her crooked a smile and then eventually turned sad, “but… I think he’s not yet really ready. I don’t know. I have no idea if it’s just me or is this really coming from my obnoxious observations. I wan to get married so bad too! I love him so much!” I could see tears building up in her eyes. “I don’t understand”.

Let me end the story there and tell you what I told her instead. You see, if you are in the stage of not knowing what to do or not understanding what’s happening, or even to the point of you, feeling like you do not know your partner anymore, watch his actions.

Because apparently, he may keep on saying he wants this and that but does not have any signs of wanting something. From then on, you need to ask him upfront and then start evaluating the status of your relationship.

Say for example, your partner may keep on saying that he wants to buy that new Ford ranger pick up so bad but does not work hard to buy it. Does not constantly verbalize his desire of having one nor set aside some of his earnings to save for it. He said he wants it but his actions does not show it. His actions does not tell you that he really wanna have one. He does not even take a screenshot or printscreen of an image of a ford ranger.

His actions will flaunt it. Believe me, if not then might as well do not settle for less.

His actions will flaunt it. Believe me, if not then might as well do not settle for less.

Now, come to think of it, if that example applies to anything you have noticed on your man or woman, how much more when it comes on settling down with you?


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